Boris Johnson
Boris the Panto

Boris the Panto is a fresh, whimsical, topical tale which tells the story of how Boris Johnson, like Dick Whittington before him, rose to become Mayor of London. Craftily adapted from Luff’s own panto The Adventures of Dick Whittington this modern re-telling of the familiar favourite follows a very traditional panto format with an unlikely cast of villains, pirates, fairies, cats and rats crowbarred into Boris’s story.

All the usual panto ingredients are there – slapstick, sword fights, pacy sketch routines, audience participation and a great big loveable cat called Cameron who somehow manages to become Prime Minister.  And the kids will love Doris Morris’s messy cake-making scene.

Boris the Panto will take adults and kids alike on a highly original, politics-free journey featuring the blundering and bizarre adventures of the world’s second most unlikely politician.


This pantomime is not intended to be a true chronicle of the life of Boris Johnson. Many of the timelines have been altered to more closely parallel the Dick Whittington story, character names have been changed, and many fictional characters have been added in order to follow a traditional pantomime format. 

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Scene 1 – A Town Square, London
Scene 2 – On tabs.
Scene 3 – A Town Square, London
Scene 4 – A Dark Alleyway
Scene 5 – Doris Morris’s kitchen.
Scene 6 – A Dark Alleyway


Scene 1 – A Town Square, London
Scene 2 – Highgate Hill
Scene 3 – A Town Square, London
Scene 4 – On tabs.
Scene 5 – Downing Street
Scene 6 – On tabs.
Scene 7 – Conservative Party HQ

Walk Down & Grand Finale.

Suggested Songs


Boris Johnson – Principal Boy, the hero of our story

Cameron – Boris’s mouthy cat

Marina – Boris’s childhood sweetheart

Doris Morris – Panto Dame. Baron Brookside’s cook.

King Rat – The Mayor of London

Jack – Doris’s lazy assistant.

Fairy Bluebell – A kindly spirit.

Baron Brookside – Chairman of the Conservative Party

Lady Arsenic – A villainous aristocrat

Sir Lynton-Minton – Boris’s Campaign Manager

Fudge – Sir Lynton-Minton’s Press Assistant

Beardy Pete – A hairy old pirate.

John Major – Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Plus, a cheery chorus of Londoners, cats and rats.