Aladdin and the Pirates

Aladdin and the Pirates

Aladdin & the Pirates is a funny and original new version of this traditional family favourite. Kids love pirates and thisversion puts an adventurous and fresh spin on the Aladdin story. It will delight both the swashbuckling little ones and their parents. There are plenty of topical references to pop stars, celebrities and TV shows in Aladdin & the Pirates and the script is packed with both physical, slapstick humour and snappy wordplay. Plus, there is an hilarious dry cleaning routine, and a showstopping messy cocktail mixing routine which has proved popular with panto dames all over the UK. All your favourite panto moments are there, from ghosts “Behind You!!!” to booing the baddies and cheering the Principal Boy, and the little ones will love Monty the penguin.



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Aladdin – Principal Boy
Widow Twankey – Aladdin’s Mother
Wishee Washee – Twankey’s Assistant
Captain Abanazer – Evil Pirate
Boney Malone – Abanazer’s Side Kick
Princess Eugenie – Principal Girl
Emperor of Peking – Eugenie’s Father
Beth – Eugenie’s Best Friend
Inspector Plunk – Chief Police Inspector
PC Plonk – Constable, Peking Police
Monty – Wishee’s Pet Penguin
The Gene Genie – A Powerful Spirit
Genie of the Ring – A More Powerful Spirit
Dancers, townspeople, courtiers, ghosts and pirates.

Evil Prologue – Capt. Abanazer’s Ship
Scene 1 – The Market Place
Scene 2 – The Palace Garden
Scene 3 – Twankey’s Dry Cleaner’s
Scene 4 – The Palace Dungeon
Scene 5 – A Cave on Pirate Island

Scene 1 – Aladdin’s Palace
Scene 2 – The Market Place
Scene 3 – Pirate Island
Scene4 – A Scary Tomb
Scene 5 – The Market Place
Scene 6 – Aladdin’s Palace
Walk Down & Grand Finale