The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Robin Hood

A bright new panto version of the Robin Hood story, crammed with fresh comedy routines, snappy dialogue and modern references. A talking tree in a haunted forest, a jelly and ice cream fight in Dame Dora’s artisan bakery and an hilarious step aerobics routine with Maid Marian and her friends make this a panto experience to remember. Oh, and what exactly does the “a” stand for in Alan a Dale’s name? Plenty of heroes to cheer for and nasty villains to boo, and where else can you see a pantomime horse disguised as a pantomime cow? Plus, is that really a giant rabbit in the archery contest? This is without doubt one of the funniest and most original Robin Hood scripts on the market.




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Robin Hood – Principal Boy
Maid Marian – Daughter of King Richard
Dame Dora – Robin Hood’s mother
Sheriff of Nottingham – The villain of the piece
Little June – A quite tall woman
Friar Tuck – A very jolly monk
Will Scarlett – A chirpy chappie with a heart of gold
Denchman the Henchman – The name says it all
Juliet – Maid Marian’s best friend
Alan a Dale – a traveling minstrel
Mystic Reg –  a psychic
Leafworm – A talking tree
King Richard – King of England
Long Face the Pantomime Horse – a pantomime horse
Plus, a lively bunch of villagers, children, castle guards and heralds.

Scene 1 The Village Square
Scene 2 The Sheriff’s Castle
Scene 3 The Forest
Scene 4 A Gymnasium
Scene 5 The Sheriff’s Castle
Scene 6 The Forest
Scene 7 The Castle Courtyard

Scene 1 The Forest
Scene 2 The Castle Dungeon
Scene 3 Dame Dora’s Artisan Bakery
Scene 4 The Forest
Scene 5 The Castle Courtyard
Scene 6 The Sheriff’s Castle