The Adventures of Dick Whittington

The Adventures of Dick Whittington

The Adventures of Dick Whittington is a pacy, modern script which is crammed full of heroes, villains, pirates, fairies, cats and rats. It has all your favourite panto ingredients – slapstick, sword fights, hilarious comedy routines, audience participation, topical references and a big loveable cat with real attitude and a penchant for witty on-liners, and the kids will love Thelma Pudding’s messy cake-making scene! The Adventures of Dick Whittington will take adults and kids alike on a magical journey full of surprises and the happiest of Happy Ever Afters.



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Dick Whittington – Principal Boy
Thelma Pudding – The Dame, Fitzwarren’s cook
King Rat – The Villain – Vermin-in-Chief
Idle Jack – Thelma’s son.
Smudge – Dick’s rather stroppy cat
Fairy Jinglebells – A kindly spirit.
Councilor Fitzwarren – Dick Whittington’s boss
Lady Absinthe – Fitzwarren’s wife
Alice – Fitzwarren’s adopted daughter
Captain Patch – Master of The Good Ship Endeavour
Windy Gale .- First mate of The Good Ship Endeavour
Beardy Pete – A hairy old pirate.
King Bono – King of the Island of Utoovia
Villagers, Servants, Pirates, Cats, Rats.

Scene 1 – The town square
Scene 2 – The harbour.
Scene 3 – The town square.
Scene 4 – A dark alleyway
Scene 5 – Thelma Pudding’s kitchen.
Scene 6 – A dimly lit street. Scene One

Scene 1 – The town square
Scene 2 – Highgate Hill
Scene 3 – Deck of the Good Ship Endeavour
Scene 4 – Below decks on the ship
Scene 5 – The court of King Bono of Utoovia
Walk Down & Grand Finale.