Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

New for 2023, a sparking new version of this traditional family favourite. Puss in Boots is a bewitching fairy story packed with villains and heroes. It has plenty of audience participation, and is crammed with original comedy routines and tongue-twisting wordplay. There’s an hilarious messy scene in a watermill, a daft ballroom dancing sequence and the spookiest of ghost scenes in the princess’s chamber. The kids will also love Ruffles the pig, who turns out to be an expert at snuffling truffles.



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Dame Doris Morris – The dame
Cameron – Principal boy
Princess Emily – Principal girl
Mr Toots – Puss in Boots
Wincy de Quincy – A very nasty villain
Fairy Mary – A good fairy
Fairy Suella – A bad fairy
King Egbert – The king
Queen Theresa – The queen
Ruffles – A pig
Sir Rodney – A royal equerry
George – Doris’s older son
Charlie – Doris’s younger son
Anya – A village girl
Tanya – A village girl
Mr Brinsley – A solicitor
Lieutenant Pigeon – A castle guard
Plus, villagers, guards, servants, courtiers, pigs and pigeons.



Scene 1 – The village green
Scene 2 – De Quincy’s castle
Scene 3 – The woods
Scene 4 – The water mill
Scene 5 – The village green
Scene 6 – The palace ballroom


Scene 1 – The palace ballroom
Scene 2 – The village green
Scene 3 – Princess Emily’s bedroom
Scene 4 – The woods
Scene 5 – De Quincy’s castle
Scene 6 – The palace ballroom