It’s never been easier to license one of our scripts for your production. From the dropdown boxes below, simply select the name of your chosen script and the number of performances you’ll be giving. We also need the name of your group and the name of the venue you’ll be performing at. After payment you’ll be directed to a download page where you can download a printable PDF of your script. If you’re planning more than 10 performances, contact us at the email address above]. Your PayPal receipt for this transaction is your performing licence.

Important: By licencing one of our scripts you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below.

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Terms & conditions of your performing licence

1  The FULL title of the script and the name of the author BRIAN LUFF must be clearly stated on all publicity, programmes, posters, web sites, social platforms and tickets.

2  Works by BRIAN LUFF must be performed in accordance with the script and no alterations, additions or cuts should be made without the prior consent of the author. This restriction does not apply to minor changes in dialogue, strictly local or topical gags and, where permitted in the script, musical and dance numbers.

3  If extra performances are arranged after this licence has been issued, the author must be informed immediately and the appropriate additional fees paid.

4  All BRIAN LUFF scripts are fully protected by copyright acts. This licence grants permission for photocopies to be made of the master script for use by cast, crew and production staff. No additional copies may be made and the script may not be reproduced for any other purpose.

5  This licence relates only to LIVE performances of the script. A separate licence is required for videotaping or sound recording. Contact us if you plan to record your show and sell copies.