Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast

The kids will love this brand new version of Beauty & the Beast, which sticks firmly to the original fairy story, while at the same time introducing plenty of fresh and original ideas.

The comedy routines include the funniest game of musical chairs you’ve ever seen, a trip to the countryside on Space Hoppers and Dame Peekaboo and her gardening friends tackling a bunch of pesky moles with water pistols.

Plus, good and bad fairies, ugly sisters (showing up in the wrong panto) and a cheeky talking sheep called Lampard.

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Scene One – Beauty’s House.
Scene Two – Fairyland
Scene Three – Beauty’s House.
Scene Four – Beauty’s Garden
Scene Five – Grounds of the Beast’s Castle
Scene Six –  Beauty’s House.
Scene Seven – The Beast’s Castle


Scene One – The Ballroom
Scene Two – Fairyland
Scene Three – The Ballroom
Scene Four – A Country Lane
Scene Five –  Beauty’s Cottage
Scene Six – A Country Lane
Scene Seven – The Beast’s Castle

Suggested Songs


Beauty – The Heroine

The Beast / Leopold –  a prince.

Dame Peekaboo – The Cook

Lampard – Peekaboo’s talking sheep.

Elvinia – A wicked fairy

Aurora – A good fairy

Tom Goodenough – Beauty’s Father

Bernice  –  Beauty’s sister

Denise  – Beauty’s sister

Bertie Piddle-Hinton – An aristocrat

Aubrey Huffington – Another aristocrat

Bernard – The Beast’s Butler

Mrs Pickles – The Beast’s servant

Chives – Goodenough’s housekeeper.

Plus, a chorus of fairies, townspeople, children, party guests and castle guards.