The Adventures of Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington and his cat The Adventures of Dick Whittington

The Adventures of Dick Whittington is a fresh, brand new version of this traditional family favourite.

The snappy, modern script is crammed full of heroes, villains, pirates, fairies, cats and rats, and it has all your favourite panto ingredients – slapstick, sword fights, pacy routines, audience participation, topical references and a big loveable cat with real attitude and a penchant for witty on-liners. And the kids will love Thelma Pudding’s messy cake-making scene.

The Adventures of Dick Whittington will take adults and kids alike on a magical journey full of surprises and the happiest of Happy Ever Afters.

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Scene 1 – The town square

Scene 2 – The harbour.

Scene 3 – The town square.

Scene 4 – A dark alleyway

Scene 5 – Thelma Pudding’s kitchen.

Scene 6 – A dimly lit street. Scene One


Scene 1 – The town square

Scene 2 – Highgate Hill

Scene 3 – Deck of the Good Ship Endeavour

Scene 4 – Below decks on the ship

Scene 5 – The court of King Bono of Utoovia

Walk Down & Grand Finale.

Suggested Songs


Dick Whittington – Principal Boy

Thelma Pudding – The Dame, Fitzwarren’s cook

King Rat – The Villain – Vermin-in-Chief

Idle Jack – Thelma’s son.

Smudge – Dick’s rather stroppy cat

Fairy Jinglebells – A kindly spirit.

Councilor Fitzwarren – Dick Whittington’s boss

Lady Absinthe – Fitzwarren’s wife

Alice – Fitzwarren’s adopted daughter

Captain Patch – Master of The Good Ship Endeavour

Windy Gale .- First mate of The Good Ship Endeavour

Beardy Pete – A hairy old pirate.

King Bono – King of the Island of Utoovia

Plus, a cheery chorus of villagers, servants, pirates, cats and rats.