Cinderella & the Crystal Slipper

the crystal slipper Cinderella & the Crystal Slipper

This bright, new script puts a number of fresh spins on the story while at the same time delivering a traditional family panto with all the usual trimmings. It’s crammed with fast, snappy wordplay, accessible modern references and hilarious slapstick routines.

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There’s something for all the family! The emphasis is very much on comedy, which is provided by the Ugly Sisters as well as a daft duo of party planners called Mr Muggsy and Mr Puggsy who orchestrate the Grand Ball at the palace as well as spending most of the time trying to escape the romantic clutches of the Ugly Sisters.

Audiences love the Ugly Sister’s messy wine tasting routine, the “Skellington in the Cupboard” routine in the haunted bedroom, and Button’s hilarious vocal warm-up routine “Har! Yar! Bibberty, bobberty, fiddly fish!” You’ll all go home saying it!

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Scene 1 – The Village Green
Scene 2 – Hardup Castle
Scene 3 – A Clearing in the Woods
Scene 4 – Hardup Castle
Scene 5 – The Wine Cellar
Scene 6 – The Village Fete
Scene 7 – Hardup Castle
Scene 8 – You Shall Go To Ball


Scene 1 – The Royal Ball at The Palace
Scene 2 – A Spooky Bedroom at Hardup Castle
Scene 3 – Next Morning At Hardup Castle
Scene 4 – Grande Finale

Walkdown and bows.

Suggested Songs


Cinderella – A servant girl
Prince Charming – Handsome son of the King & Queen
Fairy Godmother – A Fairy Godmother
Buttons – Cheery Manservant at Hardup Castle
Camilla Hardup – Cinderella’s Stepmother
Baron Hardup – Cinderella’s Father
Britney – Cinderella’s Ugly Stepsister
Donatella – Cinderella’s Even Uglier Stepsister
Dandini – Prince Charming’s Loyal Valet
Muggsy – Party Planner
Puggsy – Party Planner
The King – Prince Charming’s Father
The Queen – Prince Charming’s Mother

Plus villagers, dancers, singers, and courtiers.